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Quick 9 with jewelry designer Mele Marchesseault / ShopStrangers :

1. Favorite album art - Steppenwolf 7, Whitesnake Love Hunter, Cream Wheels of Fire - the metallic finish is supreme.

2. Best Diner - I could eat Mexican food everyday! El Conquistador is my favorite spot for cheese enchiladas and margaritas — when it’s not rave night there. It’s closing soon - so someone take me!

3. Favorite mom & pop shop - Lemon Frog, Jacknife Records, Vintage Vortex and the vending machine at Cha Cha has great gag gifts.

4. Sun sign/rising - I’m a true Aquarius with a rising of Sagittarius 

5. Fam History - I’m part French with ancestors that cruised over to Canada then headed down to the east coast mainly to Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I lived all over RI with my gypsy mom in parts of Kingston, Cranston, Providence and Warwick. I had enough of jumping around so I went to live at the rock and roll party house that burnt down by my pops friend that got drunk and fell asleep with a cigarette. Oops. So, homeless at age 15 I hopped on a plane by myself to California to stay with an awesome aunt and uncle I now call mom and dad. It was street life to country club living. I wasn’t complaining. I was blessed to experience the best of both worlds.

6. Dream Ride - Hands down, favorite question! My dream car has always been a 1968 Chevrolet Nova Super Sport. In black or burgundy.

7. On your record player…Johnny Cash - my heart melts for this man! Santana Black Magic Woman, Heart, The Doors, Blondie and a ton of Beatles records thanks to Erick B Good <3

8. Never leave home without…fingers full of rings and a pocket knife…just a small one…it always comes in handy with fixing hems, my jewelry display and cutting cake…I like to share sweets.

9. Midnight Rider pick? I already have one of my favorite Waylon tanks from MR with his signature. I wear that handsome man all the time! I really need that Lonesome On’ry and Mean racer back tank - simply because sometimes that’s exactly how I felt in the past year. I use this moody energy in a good way though - makes me get shit done. 

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