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Our interview series strikes again this week with a creative online force we’ve had on our circuit for quite a while. Lets get to know writer Renee Ruin :

“My brain is a freight trained that is usually running non-stop. I’m constantly thinking and jumping from topic to topic in conversations. I love to be stimulated visually, aurally, aesthetically. I consume information constantly that it feels like my head may explode so the blog was initially a sane outlet to share what i love and all the things i find in this crazy world. I can use the site not only to introduce people to new things but also new types of thinking and acceptance. I run lots of interview features on the site which I am really proud of. I interview all types of great people and muses from bands, musicians, models, artists, fashion designers and I’m expanding that into more cultural themed features too. I recently just published an awesome interview with ex-pornstar Ashley Blue (aka girlvert). I like to invite topics and conversations as much as I like to showcase amazing things and people.”

Inspired by everything from music to film, literature to art , Renees deepest inspirations come from emotions and human interaction, especially when it comes to her writing.

“I find the normally sad and painful imagery whether the visual or literary incredibly beautiful. To be moved by something is truly an accomplishment on the artist’s part. I’ve always found a inspiration and a home in the unique. It was important to me with this blog to make it as much a part of me as it other peoples work. This is my mind on a platter, my giant mood board. I bring an honesty and a raw take to what i do. I think people connect with that. Like it’s not just a “blog” but there’s this human being Renee Ruin that exists and its like they are following along with me. Its been amazing seeing the blog’s audience and support grow over the years. The support from the audience has pushed me in many new directions and helped me gain the confidence to follow through with bigger projects and I can’t thank anyone enough for that.”

Stay tuned for our Quick 9 with Renee ……

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