Midnight Rider’s Quick 9 with Renee Ruin : 1....

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Midnight Rider’s Quick 9 with Renee Ruin :

1. Favorite album art : Without out a doubt it would have to be Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA. I have vivid memories of this album and the artwork on the back cover conjured up a real working mans vibe and it was probably the first time I’d been aroused by an man’s ass!! Growing up in a small country town in a working class family this album resonated with the environment I was in regardless of what countries’ flag was on the cover. It was a sense of freedom and struggle I was too familiar with at a young age.

2. Best Diner : This is one area Australia definitely fails in. We don’t really have diners per se. We have “pubs” and nothing beats a good old chicken parma and pot of beer! But I fell in love with diner culture when I visited America in 2009. My favourite is this place on Santa Monica Blvd called Cafe 50’s. Awesome food and rad retro culture. There’s nothing like that here.

3. Favorite mom & pop shop : I have a tendency to buy local handmade stuff via etsy or online. Its a tough market here in Australia for these kinds of small businesses to have storefronts. But I have backed Hopeless Lingerie 100% throughout the years. This is a company that is not only ethical but truly has a bad ass message that women are all beautiful and can be whatever they like and embrace their sexuality unashamed. The company was started by one women and she continues to make every single garment herself from her home studio. I’m very much a supporter of small businesses and even more so of women entrepreneurs. We need to work together not work against its already a tough industry as it is.

4. Sun sign/rising : I am tell tale Libra and my sun rising is in Scorpio. All of which make perfect sense and I’m sure most people that know me well will attest to that.

5. Family history : I grew up in a poor working class family, the eldest of two daughters. We grew up in a small country town in Victoria, Australia.I had a tougher life than most. My father rode motorbikes and drove trucks and was pretty much my biggest hero. He taught me one of the biggest lessons I’ve ever learnt growing up. You can do anything you want, girl or not. Because of him I was never afraid to speak my mind and never afraid to take on the boys. I rode motorbikes most of my childhood/teenage years and I was big into rock n roll. My dad is an avid AC/DC fan and it rubbed off on me pretty early on. It was pretty obvious I wasn’t gonna be just one of the girls. Needless to say that made my teenage years tough being that i lived in a small minded bogan country town but I came out tougher and wiser for it.

6. Dream Ride  : Definitely a 1968-70s Black Chevrolet Camaro. Sexiest car there was!

7. On your record player : Right now I am cranking my friend Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! ‘s new record Transgender Dysphoria Blues on repeat.

8. Never leave home without… my leather jacket!! Even in summer I carry it with me everywhere just “in case”. Number 1 staple item in my wardrobe without a doubt.

9. Midnight Rider tee pick ( and why )
The FTW Muscle Tee. I try to rock the FTW attitude when it comes to everything in my life. I follow my own beat and I’m proud to be different. The world needs more misfits and rebels.

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