Our February interview series kicks off with a dude we’re...

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Our February interview series kicks off with a dude we’re all trying to get to permanently mark our skin - Brooklyn tattoo artist Bailey Hunter Robinson .

Lets start with the scoop  :

Bailey Hunter Robinson - 32 .
I am originally from rural Alabama and currently reside in NYC.
I have a 4 year old daughter that lives apart from me so I take trips often to stock up on hugs and buy hello kitty paraphernalia. Hi Cora…

Jeweler : I occasionally make jewelry in the vein of 1930s style Fred Harvey era stuff and earlier. I started making jewelry just for myself and a few pals, I really wanted to preserve some of the really old pieces that I have collected over the years so I replicated a few of them. I never wanted there to be the only one….I worry about things disappearing.

Tattooer : I am a tattooer and have been for 10 years, I have worked in a lot of different shops over the years, I now work from a private studio and do guest spots. As far as tattooing goes I’d make the style of tattoos I make if nobody wanted them and I was forced to work out of a card board box or something, which it may come too one day…. I just love doing older style designs. hahaha I think I just like what I like and feel comfortable with….I am very happy when I am tattooing and I have a great clientele who trusts me and we have a pretty damn good time sitting around for a few hours talking while I work.

Inspirations : I am inspired by a lot of the things I grew up with. I grew up hunting, fishing and shooting guns. My parents were both antique collectors and my father loved early Native American art, rugs and pottery. I have so many talented friends and acquaintances who also inspire me in both work and life. I tend to pull my tattoo inspiration from pre 1940’s tattooers, but I am also constantly humbled and inspired by many current tattooers.

Personal favorites :
I have an affection for engineer boots and cowboy boots ,old beat up Mexican, Indian and Persian rugs, shitty farm trucks, old motorcycles, cheap beer ,western shirts, antique jewelry, old pistols, lever action rifles, sad songs and dark haired women……

We asked Bailey a few more personals from family history to his favorite diner …. stay tuned!

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