Behind every great photograph is a story. Here are a few of our...

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Behind every great photograph is a story.

Here are a few of our picks in this 70s style #throwbackthursday with photographer Scott Newton

1. Willie Nelson.1979 Fourth of July Picnic. Briarcliff, TX. Here’s a shot of The Man in the center of his universe, right at home.

2. Ernest Tubb.1979 4th of July Picnic. Briarcliff, TX. The Texas Troubadour was a mainstay of the picnics until he couldn’t perform anymore. He was a wonderful upbeat presence, one of the pioneers of Country music, and a proud emissary of Texas music to the world.

3. Rusty Wier. Austin Opera House 1977. One of the benefits of doing this gallery is folks pop up who I haven’t talked to in years, wanting to see special iconic images. Debbi Davenport, Rusty’s “fourth and last ex-wife” wrote from Hawaii to request this great old shot of Rusty in trademark high leg kick…Here ya go, Debbi…It’s an honor to see Rusty at the best of his game, once again.

4. Guy Clark.Austin Opera House 1978. I feel that Guy Clark is top-tier American songwriter. We’re talkin’ Dylan, Paul Simon, Neil Young, all of them. Guy Clark belongs there, on that level. And he’s still growing and getting even better, still creating at an expanding level…Here, in ‘78, he was really pretty, to boot. Now, he favors the stern look of a Preacher of some sort…such is life. What a career, spanning so much.

5. David Allen Coe packs heat. 4th of July Picnic Gonzales, TX. The ‘76 Picnic was as wild an affair as I’ve ever been part of. Three days of mayhem in the heat. At sunset on the 4th the entire front section of the crowd started firing roman candles and fireworks at each other; you can imagine the chaos that ensued. The crowd was shooting roman candles at everything, including photographers on the stage…No one died, or it would have been called the Texas Altamont —there were multiple rapes and fights and unexpected violence interspersed with the normal Picnic peaceful vibe. By the end no women could be found anywhere near the stage for all the groping… It had gotten too big and wild. Backstage, idiots like David Allen Coe (shown here) were parading about with guns hanging out of their back pockets… the idyll was over. I’m glad it didn’t get any worse than it got.

6.Crystal Gayle. Backstage Austin Opry House 1977…Crystal Gayle, younger sister of Loretta Lynn, was a big deal in the late ’70s. “Don’t it make your Brown Eyes Blue?” was on everyone’s lips. I was really impressed with her floor-length hair and how she could throw it around and manage gracefully while she performed. Here, believe it or not, she was not posing; she was facing the other way and turned to gather and fling her hair. She was facing me for maybe a half a second; I doubt she even saw me.

© Scott Newton Photography

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