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Midnight Rider gets to know Laura Michelle / Roots & Feathers :

"I’m constantly inspired by nature, animals, the moon and stars, music, fashion genres such as the 60’s & 70’s, other artists rocking their thing (my favorite being Novella Royale ), the hill country, sunlight, and the list goes on and on.  The Gemini in me keeps me dabbling in more than one thing at a time, always.  I’ll be working on new pieces for Roots and Feathers while daydreaming about my next lookbook for The Bohemian Collective.  My head is in the clouds most of the time… I love online avenues like Pinterest and Instagram where I can curate and feed my visual hunger.  Creating is my passion, so as long as I’m creating something, whether its a physical item like a necklace or dreamcatcher, or a photoshoot where I’m creating visually, then I’m a happy girl.  I can be a bit of a loner, and definitely at times feel like that crazy lady who stays cooped up in her house and makes art all day.  I’m completely inspired by those who create from their heart, stay true to themselves, and go for it.  The ones who create the life they want to live, according to their own rules and no one elses.”

Quick 9 :

1.Favorite Album Art :  Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger (although I also really really love Donovan’s A Gift From A Flower To A Garden cover)

2. Best Diner : Adolph’s in Lakehills, TX.  It’s my hubbies parents diner and its been in the family for 70+ years.  It’s like Cheers, where everybody knows your name, the menu stays the same, the beer is always flowing.  It’s lined with vintage beer cans and vintage foxy mama swimsuit and beer girl posters, and of course there is a jukebox and pool table. 

3. Favorite Mom & Pop shop : In my hometown Bandera there is a thrift store I always enjoy visiting called Trap’s Resale Shop.

4. Sun sign/rising : Cancer Sun / Gemini (cusping Taurus) Rising

5. Family History : I grew up in the Texas Hill Country on 22 acres of woods.  My mother was a jewelry designer and my father was a carpenter.  They lived a full creative life with a successful business in the middle of the woods, which has given me the inspiration to do the same myself with my jewelry line Roots and Feathers.  They are both no longer here with us on earth, but I am continuing my dreams with their spirits guiding me. 

6. Dream Ride : An old patina teal and rust pick up truck.

7. On your record player : Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band - The Mountain

8. Never leave home without….. Chapstick.  Water.  Sunnies.  Good Tunes.

9. Midnight Rider pick ? My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.

I grew up on the Willie Nelson version of this song and it has just always been close to my heart.  One day my hubby and I were walking the streets of our hometown, The Cowboy Capital of the World, and two cowboys walked passed us and said “Mamma don’t let your babies grow up to be Hippies”, ha ha!  We thought that was the funniest thing ever.

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