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In memory of Car Talk co-host Tom Magliozzi, we’re replaying our 2001 interview with him and his brother Ray. 

“Click and Clack” Magliozzi on learning how to do radio and constantly laughing on the air:

Tom: No one ever told us anything. Until maybe a week ago, we would walk into the studio and say, “Are we on?” I mean, we had absolutely no information. We knew the room we would go to, we knew where to sit and that was it.

Ray: The only reason we knew that is there was a show on the hour before us called Shop Talk, which was two or three guys talking about stereo equipment and recording and the like. And we would watch them through the glass and we would see how far away from the microphone they sat. And we noticed they wore headphones and we noticed they pressed the lighted buttons on the phone to talk to callers, and so we patterned ourselves after what they did.

Tom: I am proud to say that after 23 or [24] years on the radio we have learned absolutely nothing. It’s absolutely the truth. People say, “Tell us about radio!” We have no idea. We sit in front of the microphones and we know nothing about radio. Nothing!

Ray: We’ve never made an attempt to learn anything, either. And we do laugh a lot, too much sometimes, and I’m sure people complain. And there are many people who can’t stand us

Tom: My wife is one of them!

Ray: Well, that goes without saying. Which wife?

Tom: All of them.

‘We Have Learned Absolutely Nothing’: Tom Magliozzi On Decades Of 'Car Talk’

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